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Origin Story

The blackOAK family roots date back to September 26th 2016, the day that three tiny humans changed the course of our lives forever. Seth, born 4:54am. Avery, born 8:09am. Kinsley, born 11:24pm. An early arrival, a scheduled C-section, and a late delivery inexplicably crossed our paths that wonderful day, and ultimately formed one of the most supportive friendships we could ever ask for.

Brooke and Christine shared a long friendship in Prince George, British Columbia as young girls and reconnected thanks to discovering they were both expecting and had just moved to Kelowna, British Columbia. Seth and Kinsley were due to arrive three weeks apart but Seth had different plans, he decided to make his debut three weeks ahead of schedule. While little Kinsley decided that she was just fine sticking around a little while longer, going over her due date by two days. In a lovely coincidence the two decided to make their appearance on the same day.

While two friends welcomed their little ones together, Taren had a scheduled C-section that morning and welcomed Avery into the world only two days before her original due date. Late that evening new parents arrived to occupy the other bed of the shared hospital room. Though a curtain separated them, there wasn't exactly a lot of privacy and of course conversation occurred, in a once in a million chance Taren's spouse knew the other couples spouse! Long time family friends re-bonded over becoming new fathers while Taren and Christine formed a new friendship through a blue curtain.

And so the Mom Club was born. Forging new friendships while learning to navigate their way through the crazy adventure we call parenting, and ultimately bringing Brooke and Taren together to create blackOAK.